Vertical markets presentations
Acceso Inalámbrico Fijo Para Smart City
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Acceso Inalámbrico Fijo Para la Industria de Petróleo y Gas
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AccesoInalámbrico Fijo Para Empresas de Telecomunicaciones
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Fixed wireless access for Electricity Industry
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Las Soluciones Móviles
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Corporate presentations
Corporate presentation
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Product portfolio
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Evolution families
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Application notes
Infinet Wireless' solutions for network infrastructure on a sea vessel
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Infinet Wireless Solutions for Video Surveillance
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Wireless Internet Service Providers
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Infinet Wireless solutions for Small Cell Backhaul
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Powering Infinet Wireless Units
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Infinet Wireless Solutions for Digital Oilfields
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Reference book
Success stories book
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Corporate Brochure
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Capacity Upgrade licensing
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Emergence Repair Console
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Certificates of Compliance
ANSI/ISA-12.12.01-2013, UL60950-1, UL60950-22
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Certificate of conformity to GOST P ISO 9001-2015
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Test report
FCC, CFR, ICES-003, RSS-210
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EU Directive
EU Directive 1999/5/EC (ETSI)
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Graphic materials
Corporate style
Logo of Infinet Wireless
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