Historias de éxito

Shubarkol Komir, Kazakhstan

Mission Critical Technology for Kazakhstan’s top coal producer

Sector: La industria extractora

InfiNet deploys a wireless infrastructure to connect 35 remote facilities at 2 major open pit mines for the largest coal producer in Kazakhstan.
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LaserNet, South Africa


Sector: Proveedores de servicios

Laser and wireless infrastructure for three major CBDs
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InfiNet Wireless drill deep into network issues at the Zhongyuan Oilfields, China

Sector: Petróleo & gaz

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Exportadora de Sal, Mexico

Upgrading existing wireless infrastructure for salt suppliers from the mainland to the coast of Mexico

Sector: La empresa

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API, Mexico

Fast and reliable connection in Guaymas port helps improve Mexico`s national security

Sector: La seguridad / la Videoobservación

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