Madayn, or the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates, was established in 1993 in continuity of the industrial march that began in the Sultanate with the establishment of Rusayl Industrial city in 1983. The success story of Rusayl Industrial city encouraged the establishment of Madayn, which today manages and operates 10 industrial cities in Sur, Suhar, Raysut, Nizwa, Buraimi, Rusayl, Samail, Ibri, Al Mudhaibi, Mahas in addition to Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) and Al Mazunah Free Zone, having more than 12 entrusted branches in their ecosystem.

An enhanced government role for comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development through partnership with the private sector helps Madayn to develop and operate business cities with integrated services. That includes a rapid response to changes based on the best solutions and technologies that meet the needs and requirements of business, taking into account environmental standards.

Having its assets optimized, Madayn had a requirement for Point-to-Point wireless link connectivity between Madayn Administration Office and Massar center in the Sur City. The main purpose of this link was to extend the LAN connectivity between these two locations. The distance between the two buildings is 3.9 kilometers.

Thus, the main goal was to build a completely new wireless infrastructure to include several corporate buildings into a single LAN network. As usual, there were actually some alternatives, such as fiber optic or a leased line. Both of them are overwhelmingly expensive and therefore can provide a relatively low ROI. Extending LAN to buildings is extremely costly as long as such services are being provided in the framework of a special commercial contract. Connectivity via the cable was obviously not an option for Madayn, in view of absence of ready cables in the area.  

Madayn employees, physically located in two different places, were identified as the target group for the solutions deployed.  The Madayn representatives, responsible for the project realization, were considering different providers of solutions for it. Then they referred to Hussam Technology Company LLC (HTC), a leading ICT solutions company in Oman and a trusted Infinet Wireless partner, which specializes in doing business with private clients. The company’s representative introduced vendor's solutions to Madayn, and first things first, the client decided to give it a try right after taking a few crucial things into consideration, namely, the fact Infinet Wireless solutions are widely deployed in Oman, which surely raises credibility towards the vendor.

So, very soon the service provider introduced the Madayn company to an unprecedented solution with which they could definitely reach their goal of high capacity and fast speed of transferring the data. The solution was Infinet’s Quanta 5, one of the most versatile and flexible products Infinet Wireless has in their portfolio. It guarantees remarkable performance of up to 650 Mbps in just 56 MHz of spectrum, providing the network with lagless operation and stability.

Madayn’s business benefits were obvious, because thanks to Infinet Wireless solutions deployed, the company managed to reach the set goals, including cost-effectiveness and security provision .Therefore, by having two main locations united by Infinet Wireless solutions, Madayn got indisputable perks, such as uninterrupted operation at the best possible price. Having security as one of the core concerns, as long as they needed a reliable link to transfer important data continuously, Madayn managed to achieve their goal by choosing Infinet’s Quanta 5.

Madayn’s management was surprised that the realization of the project took a little time. They actually didn’t contact Infinet Wireless support much, having all the necessary aid from HTC. After the subsequent Point-to-Point link installation with the help of Quanta 5, they tested it and were happy to achieve both downlink and uplink capacity of 144 Mbps.

“Having Infinet Wireless solutions installed to connect two essential Madayn’s locations, we were completely satisfied with their extraordinary performance,” comments Tariq Al Harthi, IT Manager at Madayn. “The products are particularly handy in terms of deployment, which pairs with their reliability and price,“ he underlines. 

“Infinet Wireless solutions speak for themselves,” continues Mithilesh Singh, Information Communication Technology Director at HTC. “If you consider soundness, authenticity and cost, look no further”, he wrapped up.

Infinet Wireless PtP solutions used to interconnect the Coca-Cola Bottling Company offices in Egypt
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Infinet Wireless PtP solutions used to interconnect the Coca-Cola Bottling Company offices in Egypt

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